With thorough handwashing, contact lenses are safe during pandemic

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Friday, April 17, 2020
Action News coverage of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak

Many people wear contact lenses, and they want to know if they're safe to use right now.

And it's a good question because we know the virus can enter through the nose, the mouth and the eyes.

But infectious disease experts say contacts are safe as long as you are washing your hands before putting them in and taking them out.

However, if you are not all that comfortable wearing contacts that could present a problem because you are probably touching your eyes more than you realize.

"So if it's not comfortable for you to wear them.. The main point it's a reminder to not touch your eyes, nose and mouth," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious disease expert with the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Group.

Check yourself - if you notice you're rubbing or itching your eyes a lot, then that's probably a sign you're more comfortable in glasses.

Then switch over to the glasses, especially when you're out around other people at the store, or to run another essential errand