Fact vs. fiction: Debunking mask wearing myths amid coronavirus pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Masks recommended and, in some cases, required to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. We are debunking some myths about mask wearing and separating fact from fiction.

It's a simple concept. The face covering helps to block large respiratory droplets from your mouth or nose from getting into the air and potentially infecting other people. New research backs this theory up.

However, some people still think you only need to wear a mask if you have symptoms of COVID-19, but that's a myth.

Not everyone who is infected has symptoms and people who do come down with symptoms can be contagious before those symptoms even emerge. Since we are not sure who is sick, it's best for everyone to wear a mask.

Also, don't believe social media posts that claim a face covering can make you sick - that's also a myth.

However, if it's uncomfortable, you can always find a spot away from others outside to take a short break.

But also keep in mind, a mask is just part of the equation.

"Masking by itself is not enough. It's really part of what we call a package deal to kind of try to minimize the spread of the virus. Masking is one, the second is social distancing, keeping 6 feet apart or more if you can, and of course washing and sanitizing the hands," said Dr. Raed Dweik from Cleveland Clinic.

And as a reminder, you want your face covering to cover both your mouth and your nose and have a snug fit.
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