Bryn Mawr Hospital employee especially grateful for vaccine after losing mother to COVID-19

BRYN MAWR, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Thousands of healthcare workers have received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. For many, it's a sign of hope and also a way to honor loved ones lost due to COVID-19.

"There's a yellow rose because yellow roses were her favorite and on there it says 'Dudette' because that's what she called me," said Kailey Owen.

Owen gets emotional showing her new tattoo in honor of her mother, Maureen, who she describes as adventurous, energetic and caring.

"She was the type of person who went out of her way to do everything and anything for the people that she loved and cared about," said Kailey.

Maureen Owen died on May 20th due to COVID-19. She was 65. Her husband of 36 years, Monty, was the only one allowed by her side in the ICU, with the rest of the family on facetime.

Kailey works as a patient care technician at Bryn Mawr Hospital on 5-A - the COVID unit. She can't escape the daily, crushing impact of the pandemic, so when she received her first dose of vaccine this week, she felt grateful for the opportunity.

"I am just tired of seeing everybody get sick. I'm tired of seeing people dying. I just want it to end and I think we all want it to end and I think the best way to do that it is get vaccinated and take steps towards doing that," she said.

Kailey says her mother worked as a pharmacist. She wishes she had had the opportunity to get the vaccine before she got sick.
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