COVID cases are spiking in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; state officials

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Thursday, October 29, 2020
COVID cases are spiking in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Officials say it's crucial the community helps by practicing personal responsibility, avoiding community gatherings for the holidays.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania in New Jersey are continuing to trend in the wrong direction, spiking upwards.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine said those numbers are continuing to go up daily.

"We do expect to see increasing case counts in Pennsylvania," said Levine. "Usually there's a lag, but then we see increasing hospitalizations, and then tragically a time later we see an increase in death rates."

Dr. Levine said the state is better poised to handle the rise in cases than it was back in April.

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"We are going to be continuing all of our efforts, our containment efforts, mitigation efforts," said Levine.

Doctor Levine added it's crucial the community helps by practicing personal responsibility by avoiding community gatherings for the holidays.

"We cannot have one Thanksgiving for one year, and like come together as people next year," said Alex Kahn, from Roxborough.

"Usually we have family all together, it's all canceled this year," said Madiou Barry, from Woodland, Pennsylvania.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy echoed those concerns in a press conference.

"In particular we're seeing cases linked to small gatherings in private homes, where folks are more apt to let their guards down," said Murphy.

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Action News spoke with some people who said they have become numb to hearing the daily number of cases.

"I stopped listening long time ago," said David Jefferson, from Germantown.

Doctor Levine said these stats represent people, as in someone's family member. By staying home for the holidays you can help save lives.

"Staying in the house, Halloween ain't for me," said Kenneth Richardson, from Germantown.