Group of Philly friends helping students one Face Jawn at a time

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A group of friends in Philadelphia have joined forces to help provide free stylish masks to students.

Jack Ayling, Charlie Debow and Andy Deck are three friends who came up with an idea called Face Jawn. Let's start with, what exactly is a Jawn?

"Jawn to me is everything and anything," said Debow. "It can be an adjective, a noun. It could be a verb -- where did you get that Jawn? Or that thing is a Jawn, and so it's typical Philadelphia."

So then, what is a Face Jawn?

To put it simply, it's a mask. A mask made for protecting people from a virus, and a little bit more.

"We put our heads together, the three of us all being in a tough spot. He said, you know what let's make masks, everybody needs masks," said Ayling. "For every mask sold let's donate one to a school."

"We didn't want kids going to school and some of the kids having cool stylish mask they could afford them and some kids having to wear plain blue disposable ones because they had to get it from school," said Debow.

They now have up to 120 styles on their website with adult and children's sizes, too. And since its launch on September 5, Face Jawn has donated over 3,000 masks to schools in the area.

"Money was never a concern or making money, the whole point of this was to make sure that we could donate as many masks as possible into the School District of Philadelphia area," said Debow.

"You know not one child's mask is better than the other. They are all the same and to us that means a lot," said Ayling. "We started this because we're in the position to help."
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