Art of Aging: Beer club for seniors brewing up fun in Delaware County

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Thursday, December 26, 2019
Art of Aging: Beer club for seniors brewing up fun in Delaware County
Art of Aging: Beer club for seniors brewing up fun in Delaware County - Tamala Edwards reports during Action News at noon on December 26, 2019.

MEDIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Craft beer is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. The trend is sparking many home brewers to try their hand at new flavor combinations, including one group of seniors in Delaware County.

For the last two years, a club at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line has been brewing up some fun.

"I never drank so much beer as when I came here," member Maria Duca said with a laugh. "And of course, you know, we're always looking to do something different."

"The ladies for some reason love beer," said Shawn Fontaine, Director of Culinary at Wesley Enhanced Living Main Line.

The Last Sip Brew Club taps into its members' thirst for adventure.

"I originally started just by talk at the table when a resident brought down a beer they liked and that's when it just kind of clicked and we said, you know what why don't we just make beer?" said Fontaine.

Fontaine hit the beer supply store and the club hit the ground running.

"And It was a great success from the first time we did it. It's something that we really are passionate about and we're investing time and money into," he said.

At the monthly meetings, Fontaine brings in his unique craft beer finds and offers flights. Sample flights to help hone their tasting skills.

"He gives us about five little glasses to taste," said Duca.

"So they'll try things from hoppy beers to stouts to fruit-infused beers," added Fontaine.

They also critique what they've created.

"And they just, they love it or they hate it and it's pretty fun to watch," said Fontaine. "We have a lot of people who like the IPAs and then we have people who really lean towards the darker beers like the stouts - so it's a pretty even split."

Members also get to learn about the brewing process.

"Shawn is great, the way he presents it," said member, Dan Winicur. "For me, it's not the end product, it's the process so it's fun."

Food pairings also add to the experience.

"You know, we'll do everything from tuna nachos to um beef crostinis," said Fontaine.

"This is nice, this is really nice. We come, we drink, we eat " said member, Jackie DeFilippo.

"It means a lot to us," added Duca.

"It's a good day when we have brew club," said Fontaine.

Cheers to that!