Delaware County gym uses smart technology to give you most effective workout

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Delaware County gym uses smart technology to give you most effective workout
Delaware County gym uses smart technology to give you most effective workout: Ali Gorman reports during Action News at 5pm on September 25, 2019.

WAYNE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- We have smart technology on our devices, in our homes and now - it's being used at a gym in Delaware County.

A new high-tech fitness studio opens Thursday on the Main Line. The Exercise Coach in Wayne uses smart technology to help you get the most effective workout in a short amount of time.

There are no weights or treadmills, instead a computer system and robotics create an efficient and personalized workout.

I got a first-hand feel of the high-tech exerbotics machines inside the studio located at 985 Old Eagle School Road.

"They are proprietary machines, you're not going to find them anywhere else," said Co-owner Laura Austin. She owns the new franchise along with her husband Pete.

After an initial assessment, the machines adapt to you and a real-time graphic takes the guess work out, showing you exactly where you need to be as you progress through a strength training workout. The targeted regime makes sure you're working your muscles safely and efficiently.

Because of that efficiency, the entire workout is just 20 minutes and is recommended twice a week.

Trainers Hailey Larney and Nick Kearse admit they were skeptical at first, but say because the workout is so specific, it fatigues the muscles faster than a traditional workout.

"Once doing this for five or six minutes, I felt like I did 5 to 10 reps of 6 sets so I really feel it," said Kearse.

"They're targeting the direct muscle groups at all times so you're working the entire time," said Larney.

That fatigue is what leads to results. Austin says you can expect to become stronger, burn fat and build muscle.

The technology also tracks your progress.

"It has your pin number and has all the information and uses that the next time," said Austin.

There's also a different kind of cardio at the exercise coach, again giving you exactly what you need in a short amount of time. And because the workout is tailored to each person, anyone can do it.

The Austins are hoping people who aren't used to working out come in and try it out.

The first two sessions are free, so trainers can do an assessment and get you set up on the machines. Then sessions cost between $35 to $50.

For more information visit: The Exercise Coach online.