Dog stuck in tire rim rescued by first responders in South Jersey

Friday, March 22, 2024
South Jersey dog stuck in tire rim rescued by first responders
South Jersey dog stuck in tire rim rescued by first responders

FRANKIN TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- A dog that got stuck in the rim of a tire in South Jersey is doing well, thanks to police and firefighters.

On Thursday, Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company posted these pictures on Facebook.

Franklin Township police also responded.

Initial efforts to free the 11-month-old dog, named Daisy, with soap and water were unsuccessful.

"We tried dish detergent. We tried vegetable oil, even tried slipping plastic around her neck," said Asst. Chief Joe Szwed.

At that time, firefighters said the dog was gasping for air and her eyes turned red.

Knowing time was short, Lt. Brandon Volpe thought his plasma cutter - a torch that's used to cut steel - might do the trick.

"(We) just tried to keep her covered up the best we can, so no sparks hit her. (We) tried to find something to put in between her so she didn't get burnt," he said.

Bodycam video shows the responders covering Daisy with a blanket as Volpe started to cut the metal.

She was freed in just a few minutes.

Daisy's owners, the Delanos, say now that it's over, they're laughing about it and glad that she is ok.

"Even afterward I said, 'Have you guys ever done anything like this?' And they said, 'Nope!' Definitely a first for everything," said Austin Delano.

Daisy's owners said she is doing fine and just has a few scratches around her neck.

The Delanos will be making sure her yard is now dog-proofed.