6abc's Best of the Class 2018 Special

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Monday, June 11, 2018
6abc celebrated valedictorians in the Class of 2018 at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.
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Describe Yourself

We asked these top-tier students to describe themselves their generation - Gen Z.

Future Plans

The 2018 Best of the Class have big plans! Hear their future career plans in their own words.

What do you think of the world today?

These high school graduates weigh in on the current issues facing our country and are not shy in giving their opinion on politics, social movements and the environment.

How did you get to be the best?

Hear these Best in Class discuss what helped them reach their goals!

How do you plan to change the world?

The best and brightest high school graduates share how they plan to make a difference in their communities and their chosen career fields.

Speakers series

The Power of You

Rakia Reynolds offers some tips on personal branding and achieving your goals. Click here for more of Rakia's speech.

Innovations in medicine

The Jefferson Innovation team outlines some of the advancement in treatment, such as 3D printing and more. Click here for more Jefferson's team.

Social media and your digital footprint

Stephanie Humphrey talks about the merits and dangers of social media. Click here for more of Stephanie's speech.

A lesson in resilience

Motivational speaker and ex-Eagles linebacker Kevin Reilly speaks to the group. Click here for more of Kevin's talk.


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