COVID-19 antibody drug trial aims to protect nursing home residents from infection

Monday, August 3, 2020
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Another important coronavirus trial is underway from Eli Lilly for a new technology that could help treat or even prevent COVID-19.

Another important trial is underway to combat COVID-19. The company Eli Lilly is testing its monoclonal antibody drug.

It's not for a vaccine, but for a new technology that could help treat or prevent the virus. It's being tested on people who live in or work at nursing homes.

It's a treatment that uses a synthetic and stronger version of antibodies found in the blood plasma of survivors. Lab experiments show it can block the virus from spreading.

The trial aims to see if it can protect nursing home residents and staff from becoming infected.

Eli Lilly is sending two specially equipped RVs to participating nursing homes to deliver infusions to about 2,400 volunteers.

In a live interview with JAMA, Dr. Anthony Fauci said treatments like this one will become critical, especially in the fall while we are still waiting for a vaccine.

Results from this trial are expected in a few months.

Other trials testing other treatments to prevent the disease from progressing are also underway.