Families celebrating Memorial Day with cookouts in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many families were celebrating Memorial Day by having barbecues outside in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.

"The weather is actually perfect for today since it's been raining and cold the last two days. So Memorial Day has always been a perfect day to grill," said Ebony Kornegay of Mount Airy.

Families all over Fairmount Park have been spending Memorial Day outside after a chilly weekend. While the food was being prepared, many children were playing games or kicking a soccer ball around.

Many said they were thankful they can get together since group gatherings weren't allowed this time last year.

"You get tired of looking at the house, what's that called cabin fever?" said Buddy Campbell of West Philadelphia.

Folks were taking the time to recognize the day.

"I'd like to say thank you to the people that passed away for our freedom as we celebrate this Memorial Day," said Ronald Deas Jr.

Many are also thankful to be spending quality time with loved ones.

"Not only do I have my grandchildren, but I have my great-grandchildren out here with me also. It's a wonderful feeling to celebrate them and to be around them, and just show them all the love I can show them," said Gail Fuller of North Philadelphia.

Fuller said she made all the food at her family's cookout with love. Especially happy to share the love with a new member of her family, a newborn baby.

"The pandemic was last year, and you couldn't really do anything, now we're just out here, she's able to be out here around other people," said Jasmine Fuller.

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