Bars, restaurants bring taste of New Orleans to Philadelphia in honor of 'Fat Tuesday'

On a day where calories don't mentally count for many, lines were packed at restaurants across Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Fat Tuesday celebrations throughout Philadelphia brought a taste of New Orleans to the city, complete with Mardi Gras beads, King's cakes, and traditional Cajun cooking.

At Craftsman Row Saloon on Jewelers Row, the staff converted the space into a pop-up Mardi Gras bar featuring purple, gold, and green decorations.

"The people that really enjoy the environment, it just makes it fun to work here when people are having fun in the restaurant that you're working at," said manager Lia Santoni.

That's how the team at Beck's Cajun Café in Reading Terminal Market feels too. The big specialty for Fat Tuesday is the traditional King's cake, which the owner says has been selling by the hundreds.

"The top is topped with royal icing, and then it has the colors of purple, gold, and green, and it represents truth, justice, and power," said Chef Bill Beck, the owner.

On a day where calories don't mentally count for many, the line was long at places like Beiler's Doughnuts in University City.

The manager says she helped make 2,500 Fastnachts for Fastnacht Day.

The tradition there is it's the last day to use up all the sugar, butter, and lard in the home before Ash Wednesday and Lent.

"I love it because it's like people come for the Fastnacht, and it's not 50 different flavors you have to be after as much," said manager Sadie Smoker.

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