90-year-old volunteer has given four decades of service to community with no intention to retire

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Thursday, January 11, 2024
90-year-old volunteer has given four decades of service to community
At Warminster Food Bank, Evie Dugan has contributed 45 years of service with no sign of stopping at 90-years-old.

WARMINSTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- For those who give back their time to help, it is a service so appreciated by others.

With Evie Dugan, she has given 45 years to Warminster Food Bank as a volunteer.

Now reaching 90-years-old, she's not looking to retire; rather, is hoping for more time to give.

"I heard someone say: '45 years and you didn't want to get paid for anything?' And I said 'no, that's not the reason. I wouldn't have even thought about it,'" Dugan said.

"She is the perfect example of what it means to live a purpose driven life," said Mike Cerino, Executive Director of Warminster Food Bank.

Her main job has been inventory management of the food pantry, making sure that all food is organized as fresh as possible for their guests to receive.

"What she does is she'll get all the shelves, she'll organize. The older stuff's going to go out first and the newer stuff's going to go out last...so that our guests get a good quality basket, nothing expired, nothing out of date, and that really gives dignity to our guests," said Cerino.

With the passion for others keeping her young, her service to the organization has no end in sight.

"Once you stop you're done. I just hope I keep going until the end. I think it's just something within me, I never feel like I'm too tired to do anything. The mind says: 'yeah, keep going'."

Dugan turns 91-years-old in February.

For more information on Warminster Food Bank, check out their website.