Gas prices dropping, consumers hope trend continues

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Gas prices dropping, consumers hope trend continues
Gas prices dropping, consumers hope trend continues

BALA CYNWYD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Gas prices across the area are dropping. According to AAA, in Pennsylvania, they are down 11 cents in the past week. People are hoping prices will only continue to come down.

"It'd be nice if we see regular at some point starting with a three instead of a four," said Frank Tavani of Wynnewood.

AAA says anything is possible.

"Will they drop below $4? Anything is possible, could they reverse course and climb back up again towards $5? Yes they could," said Jana Tidwell, AAA Spokesperson.

People are now starting to feel some relief at the pump. AAA says gas prices are down 50 cents, after reaching historically high prices in June.

"I feel good that at least they're coming down to somewhere to where they were before but they're never going to get that low," said Clifton Harris of West Philadelphia.

According to AAA the national average dropped three cents overnight to $4.49 a gallon - that's down 16 cents in the past week. South Jersey is averaging $4.52, while Delaware is down to $4.38 a gallon.

AAA says several factors drive prices up or down. Outside of supply and demand, it comes down to the price of crude oil - prices dropped last week below $100 a barrel. However, consumers are making changes due to record high prices.

"People are adjusting their behaviors to compensate for the higher gas prices... work, school, or pleasure even," Tidwell explained.

A recent AAA Mid-Atlantic poll found 65% of Pennsylvania drivers are adjusting daily driving behavior because of high gas prices.

"Not vacations, we all need a break but I've been trying to consolidate trips," said Tavani.

Of those drivers, 45% are consolidating trips, while 35% are avoiding driving whenever possible.

"I think people do what they have to do they still have to get to work, it's the summer kids are in camp so I think people are making it work and pulling from other places," said Storm Foreman, of Wynnefield.