Mercer County hydroponic vertical farm grows healthy produce indoors year-round

One of the big benefits of Geogreens growing their produce indoors is that they are able to grow year-round.
HAMILTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It may be winter outdoors, but one local entrepreneur in Mercer County, New Jersey has his farm in full bloom indoors.

Some crops are ready to harvest at the Hamilton Township warehouse for Geogreens, an indoor hydroponic vertical farm.

"So hydroponic farming is the growth of produce using a water based solution and no soil at all," said Desmond Hayes, Geogreens owner and founder.

Hayes says that one of the big benefits to growing indoors is that they are able to grow year-round.

"Because there's no pests, I don't have to spray pesticides - no pesticides means it's cleaner," he added.

Geogreens' mission is to make healthy food available to everybody, especially minority communities and food insecure areas.

"Where we're located, the closest supermarket is about twenty minutes away, which is common in a lot of food insecure areas or food deserts," said Hayes.

Hayes says they grow anywhere from one to three tons of produce in their 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse space.

Customers can find everything from herbs like rosemary, oregano and sage to several types of lettuce and spinach.

"We're looking to really engage the community, get the word out more on healthier eating, help as much as we possibly can," said Hayes.

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