Pa. Girl Scout achieves Silver Award with thoughtfulness towards senior citizens

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Monday, February 19, 2024
Pa. Girl Scout receives Silver Award for assisting pet therapy
Jordan Wood received the Silver Award in Girl Scouts for thoughtfulness towards senior citizens and pet therapy

EXTON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- This young girl has received a high honor in Girl Scouts while deepening her connection with the community.

Jordan Wood was honored for building her own cabinet that holds animal toys and products, assisting pet therapy programs for senior citizens.

"Jordan is in troop 446. And she is currently in eighth grade. The Silver Award is the highest award a sixth through eighth grader can achieve," said Jordan's mom, Ashley Wood.

It came together when Jordan Wood's aunt, Cindy Arrowood, inspired her for a project.

Arrowood is a volunteer for PAWS for People; and, discussed her involvement with pet therapy sessions at senior-living establishment: Arbor Terrace Exton.

When Wood realized they could use a dedicated space for pet therapy at Arbor Terrace Exton, she got to work on creating the cabinet.

"So she reached out to Chuck at Arbor Terrace to store different engagement toys that they'll use in their visits with residents," said Ashley Wood.

"Jordan not only built the cabinet itself, but then everything inside of it. She worked with her dad who's a structural engineer...It took about three months," she continued.

After completing this project, Jordan Wood recounts how anyone can make a difference.

"When you're 14, you don't really think that you can make a difference. But I think I did here. In your community, you can always just make simple decisions that could mean the world to somebody else and that could just make them so much happier for that day. That's just a good feeling," said Wood.