Suspects caught on camera vandalizing Christmas decorations in Gloucester County

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Suspects caught on camera vandalizing Christmas decorations
Suspects caught on camera vandalizing Christmas decorations

HARRISON TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) -- As you drive around Harrison Township, Gloucester County, it's not hard to find cheerful and sparkly holiday decorations. But some of that cheer was disturbed last week.

Harrison Township Police say at least five homeowners had their Christmas lights and decorations damaged or torn down on Thursday evening.

"My husband went outside and then we saw that there were impacted Christmas decorations next door," said Maria Moscufo.

She said fortunately her decorations were untouched, but her neighbor's inflatables were punctured.

"We do it all for the kids, the neighborhood and the community. And so when you put a lot of time effort and energy into making the house look nice and someone comes and knocks it down or breaks it or cuts it, that makes you feel a certain way," said Moscufo.

Police released surveillance video on Tuesday showing several suspects - likely teens - kicking and tossing illuminated lawn decorations.

At one house, an Angel and lights came down in Tesoro Court. Tesoro Estates and Brookside Farms were also hit.

Police say the suspects traveled together in two vehicles: a sedan with a broken headlight and a white pickup truck.

"Young punk kids riding up, running up to the Christmas lights and ripping them out and kicking the different decorations and running off and speeding away in two different vehicles," said Chief Ronald Cundey.

Police hope - given the cost of many decorations - the suspects will make it right, and come forward.

"I'm sure the homeowners who were victimized were ticked off by it. And I would be too. Rightly so," said Cundey.

Police say there could be more homeowners affected who haven't come forward.

Police are asking anyone with info or surveillance video to contact them.

To submit tips anonymously, residents can go to, select the Community Interface tab from the top of the page and submit anonymous tips.