A new world record for 'burpees' exercise, and help for an SPCA

RENO, Nevada (WPVI) -- "Burpees" are an exercise that's good for the whole body.

But many people-- myself included-- dread them.

In Reno, Nevada, a fitness trainer has spent the past 24 hours trying to break the world record for "burpees."

Yesterday morning, 41-year-old Mark Zarubi, a trainer at Saint Mary's Center for Health and Fitness, started his quest to beat the record for the most in 12 and 24 hours.

The record was 68-hundred in 12 hours and 10-thousand-one-hundred in 24 hours.

"Since I make my clients suffer through burpees every week, I thought I should get a taste of my own medicine and do it as well," says Zarubi.

The trainer's pain was for a good cause - to raise money for the local SPCA.

He and his wife adopted a dog from the organization.

He was allowed to take some breaks, but he mostly kept going around the clock.

And Zarubi smashed the records.

He did a total of 18-thousand 896 burpees in 24 hours and raised a *lot of money for the SPCA.

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