Co-workers building bonds through tough workout

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- You may not know your co-workers very well outside of the office, but sweating through a tough workout together can help create a stronger bond.

And many bosses believe it will lead to more effective employees.

That's why some employees of Independence Blue Cross were boxing as a team building exercise.

"Many of us are excited about fitness so this was a natural thing for us to do together," said Terry Booker, Vice President of Innovation at Independence Blue Cross.

And together they faced a tough, full-body workout at Joltin' Jabs in Center City, all while learning something new.

"There's no experience necessary, no physical contact, no excuses," said studio owner and former professional boxer Joey DeMalavez.

He says the bottom line is to get people moving to relieve stress, boost energy, and enhance bonding.

"Especially with this, you get to blow off a little steam but have fun with your co-workers. You see them in a different element and get to know them a little better," said employee Megan Snyder.

It's a 50 minute class going through the boxing basics, hitting the bags, calisthenics and cardio.

DeMalavez says getting through the workout can also be a metaphor for getting through a tough day at the office.

"It's 4:55, you have to have the same amount of energy as 9:05 in the morning. No coasting," he said.

While many were wiped out, all say they had fun together, as a team. Booker says that's the goal.

"When you are gelled as a team you are able to optimize effort you extend towards your client, your bosses or towards your company," he said.

And of course, this also encourages exercise and healthy living among workers, which can also help lower healthcare costs.

Along with corporate fitness classes, Joltin' Jabs also offers group and personal training.

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