Could you spot the warning signs of drug use?

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Thursday, May 25, 2017
VIDEO: Drug Room
Can you spot the signs of drug use?

Camden County police are hoping a scavenger hunt targeting parents will be an eye-opening approach to potential trouble.

Your teenager's room may look ordinary. But Winslow Township Police Lt. Chris Dubler says look again.

"Most parents have no idea what they are looking for," said Lt. Dubler.

Like a seemingly innocent paper rose. Lt. Dubler says teens buy it, take the rose out and it becomes a pipe.

Most items are hidden in plain sight - a rolled up dollar bill, a pen with a missing ink cartridge - both of which could be used to snort drugs.

Lt. Dubler says even shards of scouring pads left behind could be a sign of drug use.

"Basically, that is used for a filter for your drug pipes," he said.

A bloody tissue left behind, bent spoons, loose strings from hoodies and even cotton in a water cap could be a sign of heroin abuse.

"A little piece of cotton in there acts like a filter when they are injecting the heroin into the syringe," Lt. Dubler said.

Dubler says look for used sandwich bags, which are a common way to buy marijuana and other drugs.

"Because you can't really untie it they'll tear the top off and the top will just be laying there," he said.

A soda can with a secret storage compartment can be purchased online, helping conceal what your kids don't want you to see.

Lt. Dubler says if you commonly see several of these items, start asking questions:

- Strands of copper colored "chore boy" scouring pads

- Water bottle cap with a small piece of wet, balled up cotton

- Various strings, shoelaces...etc.

- Prescription bottles with portions of the labels removed

- Pieces of prescription bottle labels in the trashcan

- Bloody tissues or clothing consistent with hypodermic syringe usage

- Syringe caps

- Brownies, candies as marijuana edibles

- Gas mask

- Potting soil and growing containers

- Hidden storage containers

- Bent spoons with burn marks

- Various pipes (purchased and homemade)

- Tiny artificial rose

- Razor blades with plate

- Rolled up US Currency

- Various types of packaging baggies

- Sandwich baggies with knots in them

- Cellophane wrappers from cigarette packs

- Bus/train schedules

- Gift cards

The Camden County Addiction Task Force is holding a drug awareness interactive seminar on June 7, 2017, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Bud Duble Senior Center, located at 33 Cooper Folly Road in Atco, New Jersey. If you are interested in attending, RSVP by calling (609) 567-0700 ext. 1136 or email Lt. Dubler at


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