Healthy habits can counter genetics on stroke risk

Many people think they can't out-run bad genes.

However, a new study shows the impact living healthy can have, even if those genes give you a greater risk for stroke.

The research looked at more than 300-thousand adults.

35% had a higher risk for stroke just based on their genes.

But for people without that genetic risk, if they smoke, have diabetes and an unhealthy diet, they have a 65-percent higher risk for stroke.

The results show making healthy decisions can make a big difference.

"No matter how predisposed you are, genetically, to have a stroke, if you live healthier, you actually have a better chance of not having a stroke, and also heart attacks as well," says Dr. George Pravin, a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say the more of these healthy habits that you can combine, the better your overall health will be:

*Don't Smoke

*Maintaining healthy weight


*Healthy diet

*Keep blood pressure & cholesterol under control

The most dangerous risk factor is smoking.

It can double your risk of having a stroke.

It's never too late to quit.

There are dozens of smoking cessation programs available.

Talk to your healthcare provider about the best options for you.
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