New service picks up unwanted items from your home, recycles and reuses

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023
New service picks up unwanted items, recycles and reuses
It's called Helpsy, an eco-minded service that makes sure everything you're clearing out ends up in the right place.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Whether you're moving, cleaning out a loved one's closet, downsizing or just de-cluttering, there's a new service coming to the Delaware Valley that will pick it all up from your house - for a good cause.

It's called Helpsy, an eco-minded service that makes sure everything you're clearing out, from clothes to shoes and accessories, ends up in the right place.

"The average American throws away 110 pounds of clothing a year and 85% of that ends up in a landfill," says Jessica Rennard, the chief merchandising officer of Helpsy. "It's not easy to discard of your items ethically and responsibly and sustainably."

That's why they created this company, to do the hauling, and the sorting, for you.

"I think this is perfect for anyone who is driving around with trash bags in their trunk that they have not yet dropped off and people who are looking for a really simple solution. We show up at your house."

You just leave the bags on the doorstep, and they will pick it all up.

The items Helpsy collects locally will make their way here to The Wardrobe in Spring Garden.

Since 1995, they've been helping the clothing insecure.

"We provide clothing for whatever someone needs, whether it's a job interview, starting a new job, coming out of imprisonment, or during a recovery, journey, gender affirmation, whatever you need clothes for, we are here," says Nick Kril, the Resale Director for The Wardrobe.

The public can also shop their resale boutique's secondhand items, at a discount. The proceeds help fund their community work.

Starting July 1, Helpsy is offering free pickups in Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties.

There's a five-bag minimum.

Anything The Wardrobe can't use will be re-purposed or recycled properly and sustainably.

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