Hulu's new series 'Am I Being Unreasonable?' keeps you laughing and guessing

Real Life pals Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli wrote and star in this comedy-thriller

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Hulu's new series 'Am I Being Unreasonable?' keeps you guessing
'Am I Being Unreasonable?' on Hulu is part comedy, part mystery and all kinds of unique.

LOS ANGELES -- What happens when you reveal your deepest, darkest secret to your new friend? That's what Hulu's newest series "Am I Being Unreasonable?" explores.

"Am I Being Unreasonable?" stars Daisy May Cooper as Nic, a wife and mom who is in an unhappy marriage while grieving her one true love, a grief she can't share with anyone in her life.

Enter Jen, played by Selin Hizli. She's the new mom in town and she and Nic bond. In the midst of a booze-fueled night, Nic spills her secret to Jen. And as the show unfolds, we find out Nic isn't the only one harboring secrets, as those she holds closest have something to hide.

The idea for the story, written by Cooper and Hizli, came from a rather interesting place!

"Daisy and I have known each other for a long time but we got back in touch with each other during the 2020 lockdown when we were all stuck at home," Hizli told On The Red Carpet. "We started talking about some of our experiences."

Cooper added, "We've been friends, but we really came together when we both admitted that we didn't like somebody that was in our friendship group."


Cooper says her own life dramas fueled her performance.

"You see somebody dealing with grief... somebody well not dealing with grief actually. And having somebody who's trying to help with that grief by literally enabling Nic because Nic is a narcissist and that's all she wants is to be enabled," Cooper said. "That was my life at that moment. My life is sort of falling apart anyway so it was quite easy to sort of channel it!"

Selin said ultimately, the story is about friendship. And she took a moment to compliment her real-life pal Cooper.

"I think that Daisy is one of the most incredible actors that I've ever seen, not just because of her comedic performance but because she is brilliant at conveying emotions as well."

You can see more of our conversation with Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli in the video above.

"Am I Being Unreasonable?" is streaming now on Hulu.

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