The new Hulu series 'Koala Man' tells story of crime-fighting dad

Hugh Jackman lends his voice to the new adult animated series.

ByEmma Newman and Gina Sirico OTRC logo
Wednesday, January 11, 2023
Hulu's new animated series 'Koala Man' brings the laughs
Hulu's new animated series 'Koala Man' brings the laughs with Hugh Jackman, Sarah Snook as voices.

LOS ANGELES -- Hulu's original series "Koala Man" follows a crime-fighting dad named Kevin who tries to defeat criminals and forces of evil in the Australian suburb of Dapto.

The animated series, which was made for adults and features adult humor, stars Michael Cusack, who voices Koala Man and actors Hugh Jackman, Sarah Snook and Demi Lardner.

According to Cusack, who also created the series, Kevin is lovable because of his commitment to his town, his family and his unofficial job.

"He's genuinely passionate about something, even if it's bizarre and he's got a warped vision about how it should be done," Cusack told On the Red Carpet. "His love of Dapto and the town he lives in, and his family too, is genuine and he really believes in it, so it makes his oddity and him dressing up as Koala Man kind of make sense more because he believes in it so much."

Cusack believes that Koala Man's ability to be comfortable being abnormal is part of what makes him a great character.

"Everyone around him, even though they might think he's a bit of a weirdo and a loser, can't help but just kind of respect him because he's just so committed to it," Cusack said. "He's just confident in being a weirdo, which I love."

Cusack loved working to create and star in the show, which he calls "fundamentally Australian."

"It's a dream job, really, because I grew up drawing and getting in trouble for it in school and doing that more than actual schoolwork," Cusack said. "The fact that now it's like a job and being able to do it and collaborate with all these amazing, talented people is just a dream."

Stream the entire season of "Koala Man" now on Hulu.

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