Remnants of Hurricane Ian bring flooding to Jersey Shore

Some cars attempted to drive through the mess, which officials strongly advise not to do.

Monday, October 3, 2022
Jersey Shore hit by remnants of Hurricane Ian
A coastal flood warning has been extended.

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The remnants of Hurricane Ian are having an effect on parts of the Jersey Shore with several roads in low-lying areas being flooded.

A coastal flood warning has been extended until 9 p.m. Tuesday with a watchful eye toward high tide Monday afternoon.

In Sea Isle City, parts of Landis Avneue were flooded on Sunday.

Drivers heeded warnings and turned around.

"We're trying to get to 47 and it looks like at least a foot of water we're not going to make it," Tim Halpin of Stratford, New Jersey said.

The remnants of Ian brought heavy rains throughout the weekend.

Wind gusts picked up in Atlantic City Sunday evening.

"We're making a detour right now instead of going the way we normally would. We know one of the streets is not passable," said Michelle Fairbanks of Broomall, Delaware County.

Route 30 was flooded in both directions east of 631 to 646, with some westbound lane closures.

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Some cars attempted to drive through the mess, which officials strongly advise not to do.

Wind gusts picked up in Atlantic City Sunday evening, as remnants of Hurricane Ian hit the Jersey Shore this weekend.

Kailea Fairbanks lives in Ventnor. She says while she is not a fan of this weather, she thinks the location of her apartment helps avoid any dangers of potential flooding.

"I have a bottom-floor apartment, but we're the highest point on the island. We've never flooded where I am so we should be good," Fairbanks said.

Officials warn drivers to never travel through floodwaters.

In Atlantic City, free parking is available at the Wave garage, located at the corner of Mississippi and Fairmount avenues, for those who are concerned about flooding.

At least 81 people in Florida have died due to Hurricane Ian, according to local officials.

Four additional people were also reported dead due to the storm in North Carolina, the governor's office said.

The Category 4 storm slammed into Florida's southwest coast Wednesday afternoon, causing catastrophic damage, fierce winds and dangerous, record-breaking storm surges.

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