Jalen Hurts named Eagles starting QB, Carson Wentz to be backup

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Meet new Eagles starting QB Jalen Hurts
Who is Jalen Hurts? We look back at the rookie QB's path from high school standout to QB1 for the Birds.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Jalen Hurts will be the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, the team confirmed Tuesday.

"I have come to a decision and I am going to go with Jalen Hurts this week against New Orleans. I looked at the whole thing and decided that for this week to look for that spark again to try to get the team over the hump," head coach Doug Pederson said.

Carson Wentz will be his backup.

Pederson informed both Wentz and Hurts on Monday night of his decision to make the QB change.

The coach said Wentz was disappointed.

"He's frustrated. He's been a professional through it all. He supports his teammates and that's what you want to see from him, the leader of the team. I know sometimes the quarterback gets a lot of the blame like the head coach does. It's the good with the bad. It's not about Carson Wentz. It's not about one person. We know we have issues on offense and it has been a struggle for us all season. That's where the frustration lies a little bit, but he's been a pro and would expect nothing less," Pederson told PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

Pederson added, "Carson's been a big part of the success we've had. He was on that championship team that got us to that level. Even in '18 & '19 he led the team & got us into the postseason. I know we can get back to that level. That's why I have so much confidence in him."

Some Eagles fans told Action News they were ready for a QB switch.

"I'm excited for a change. Hopefully, they can get something done," Eagles fan Kathleen Relvas of Maple Glen said,

Rahsan Williams of South Philadelphia said, "Give him a shot. There's only one way to find out-- put him and let him play."

Fans also said Hurts deserves more than one game as the starter. Especially, due to the fact, they're playing the Saints whose defense is arguably the best in the NFL.

"Allow him the opportunity. You allowed Carson Wentz the opportunity," added Williams.

Pederson said the decision was his alone. He would not go into any further details on if Hurts would be the starting quarterback for the rest of the 2020 season.

But not everyone was sold on the fact this was just a solo decision.

"I think there was pressure on management from the top, going from Howie (Roseman) down to the coach, and the fan base pressured them to do it," said Andre Francis of South Philadelphia.

Hurts gave some major life to the team with a 32-yard bomb to Greg Ward for a touchdown during Sunday's 30-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Hurts was 5 of 12 for 109 yards with an interception to go along with his touchdown pass. Wentz was 6 of 15 for 79 yards.

Wentz signed a $128 million, four-year contract extension in 2019 that starts next year.


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