Jersey shore towns work to replenish beaches after sand washed away

Friday, April 19, 2024
Jersey Shore towns battle beach erosion
Jersey shore towns work to replenish beaches after beach erosion

AVALON, New Jersey -- Cliffs of sand are cut out of the beach in Avalon, after months of storms and rough surf.

"Sand and beaches are our business. And when we lose some sand it's our obligation to bring it back," said Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl.

Avalon received a beach replenishment from the Army Corps of Engineers last year, and spent about a million dollars in municipal funds to help get it done.

It'll be another two years before that happens again. So in the meantime...

"We know where the sand that used to be here goes. It goes to the middle of town," said Wahl. "So we will mechanically scrape the sand that went about two miles south of here and bring it back home."

Wahl says the borough budgets $600,000 per year for sand projects like this. Work should start in May.

In Sea Isle City, an Army Corps of Engineers beach replenishment is underway.

For the next few weeks, different sets of beaches will be closed as they move up and down the island.

City officials say the job is scheduled to wrap by Memorial Day weekend.

Beachgoers say the work is needed.

"Plenty of beach," said Marc Derita. "We had like maybe 20 yards of beach last year so now it's going to be pack a lunch to get down to the water."

North Wildwood is dealing with some severe erosion and doesn't have a replenishment planned until likely 2025.

The mayor there says city officials are working with the governor to come up with a solution, hopefully by the summer.