Joel Embiid's brilliance is being canceled out by Ben Simmons' regression

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Friday, June 18, 2021
Ben Simmons' regression is threatening the Process
We're witnessing one of the greatest postseason runs in NBA history coinciding with one of the biggest regressions. And it may signal the end of "The Process."

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Sixers fans, are you all ok?

After back-to-back losses, including Game 5's epic meltdown, I'm worried about everyone's mental well-being. I mean this is a team that's the top seed in the East and we all thought they'd cruise to the Eastern Conference Finals.

What worries me more isn't how this season will turn out.

It's what happens from here.

Is it time to give up on the Process?

Will Joel Embiid lose faith in the team's chances to win a title?

Embiid is doing his part: He's averaging 32 points, 13 rebounds and 2.2 blocks vs. the Hawks this series.

Ben Simmons, however, is not.

We're witnessing one of the worst regressions ever. This is a guy billed as a superstar, who missed 10 free throws in Game 5.

He's shooting 32% from the line in the playoffs, 28 points lower than his regular-season mark.

If he makes those extra few, this series would already be over.

Simmons has the second-worst free throw percentage in the playoffs in NBA history.

His 45 misses through Game 5 are more than the Hawks, the Suns, and the Nets - yeah, their entire teams. And I know what you're thinking - because I am, too.

I could go out and make six out of 10 free throws! He's said it, it's all in his head. But it's made him a huge liability.

And how about Tobias Harris? Max salary players can't account for four points in a playoff game.

And yet Doc Rivers still has confidence in his team.

My fear is that this team is wasting Embiid's prime.

The guy is unstoppable. No one on Atlanta can guard him, even on one good knee.

They shouldn't be losing playoff games at home with all their talent. The talent around him needs to play up to their potential.