Illegal drag racing at popular Delaware car event sparks concern among residents

The event itself is reportedly not coordinated by any one group or affiliated with the city.
NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) -- Videos sent to Action News capture what some described as illegal street racing and unsanctioned stunt driving this past weekend in Newark, Delaware.

The videos are drawing major criticism from many groups.

Glen Feinsilver, a car enthusiast who for the last decade has participated in what is known as the "Kirkwood Car Cruise," said, "It was lawlessness, is what it was."

The event takes place along Kirkwood Highway, just outside the city of Newark. The event itself is reportedly not coordinated by any one group or affiliated with the city.

Feinsilver says what you normally see is a collection of vintage or tricked-out cars that owners will cruise from parking lot to parking lot.

"There were burnouts, there was drag racing at red lights. I have seen burnouts there in the past, but it didn't get out of control where it almost became chaos," Feinsilver added.

Feinsilver captured and posted some of the close calls and more blatant acts showcasing a disregard for safety.

"By the time the sun was going down, I decided to leave myself just for personal safety," he said.

According to witnesses, there was a notable absence by Delaware State Police this year who normally patrols the event.

One man says this year troopers weren't seen until a violent crash occurred on Kirkwood Highway that ended with a 25-year-old Wilmington man being arrested for driving under the influence and aggressive driving.

The unruly component of the event and others like it has captured the attention of some state lawmakers.

"This has been a problem in this area, New Castle County, for a number of years now," said Delaware State Rep. Kim Williams.

Williams has asked to meet with police, the attorney general, and the governor.

"We don't want to punish people who were there just to enjoy having a night out with their families," said Williams. But, we don't want anyone else to get hurt or killed because of folks coming here and drag racing."

Delaware State Police say they will review videos from this past weekend.

Anyone with more video or information is asked to come forward.

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