Troubleshooters: Main Line furniture store owners face additional charges

ByNydia Han and Heather Grubola WPVI logo
Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Troubleshooters: Local furniture store owners face additional charges
We have an update on an Action News Troubleshooters investigation into a Main Line interior design and furniture company owned by a husband and wife.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- We have an update on an Action News Troubleshooters investigation into a Main Line interior design and furniture company owned by a husband and wife.

Action News has been digging into M. Kaplan Interiors for months. It is run by Matt and Margaret Kaplan. There is a newly filed criminal complaint that shows Matt Kaplan is facing more than 60 felony counts for allegedly bilking 15 customers out of about $230,000.

Plus, arrest warrants have now been issued for both husband and wife.

"I don't want this to happen to anybody else," said Kristen Kerr of West Chester, Chester County.

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Multiple consumers reached out to the Troubleshooters about M. Kaplan Interiors, saying they never received some or all of the items they paid for.

"We're talking nine and a half months, no vanity," said Joan Johnson, of Philadelphia's Overbook Farms section.

"Fifteen times they were to be delivered and didn't get delivered," said Brenda Stank, of Center City Philadelphia.

East Whiteland Township police received a report from an 84-year-old woman who says she paid $21,000 and never got a thing.

"She bought a condo and has been ready to move into it for a year but can't because there's literally no furniture," said Detective Sergeant Tricia Doyle.

So Doyle started to investigate. Then, the Troubleshooters aired the story.

"That brought in at least a dozen more victims," Doyle said. "There wouldn't have been as many people coming forward without Troubleshooters. That's for sure."

Doyle has now filed a criminal complaint against Matt Kaplan to include the additional victims for a total of 15, four counts for each.

"Failure to make required disposition of funds, theft, receiving stolen property and deceptive business practices," she said.

Margaret Kaplan faces those same charges for three victims, and both face one count of conspiracy.

Kaplan blames supply chain issues.

"Not a supply chain issue," said Doyle.

The criminal complaint said the Kaplans had "no intention of delivering" and in some cases "orders were never placed" with manufacturers or couldn't be produced.

"M. Kaplan owes a debt to these manufacturers," she said.

Doyle also said there is an important consumer lesson: beware if a business does not accept credit cards.

"That probably should have been our first red flag," said Kerr.

Kaplan's attorney says he can't comment due to the investigation and pending litigation but is working with law enforcement to resolve these matters.

Doyle anticipates filing additional charges saying four more alleged victims have reached out to her. She also says some manufacturers have indicated they will try to work with customers to make them whole.

Full Statement from Kaplan's Attorney:

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and pending litigation, I cannot comment on any specific facts contained in the complaints issued against Matthew and Margaret Kaplan.

On behalf of my clients, I have been working diligently with law enforcement and look forward to resolving these matters as soon as possible.

For many years, the Kaplan's have operated a small family-owned business successfully serving countless residents of the Philadelphia area and beyond and they look forward to continuing to provide their services to satisfied customers in the future.