Marlton man goes from heavy metal band to heavy lifting for charity

ByJessica Boyington and Heather Grubola via WPVI logo
Monday, October 19, 2020
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A South Jersey man is using his business to help children and adults with special needs.

MARLTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A Marlton, New Jersey man is using his business to help children and adults with special needs.

Scott D'Antonio of Marlton, New Jersey is a self-proclaimed metalhead with a big love for the band Metallica.

"I had the heaviest band in the 80s in our area," he said. "I'm an onion, there are different layers to me."

Another layer is that he's a big family guy with his own contracting business, and he has a family member who needs a little extra help. They inspired the project, "Hometown Heroes for Special Needs".

"Any family that has either a child or an adult who has a special-needs person that needs our help, they might not have the means, the money or the connections-- that's where we come in," he said.

D'Antonio uses his contracting business to help these families with home improvements, like wheelchair ramps, railing installations and bathroom makeovers.

"A family of five and one bathroom that didn't work. The mother is waiting for a kidney transplant, she lost one child, another child has special needs," he said. "We did a surprise home bathroom remodel. We got a vendor here, a vendor there, we repaired the ceiling, repainted, we took down wallpaper. She got a state of the art bathroom. We revamped the whole inside."

D'Antonio says it's all about kindness.

"It all depends on what family and what they need, but we're there to help. We kind of want to be the superheroes of the special needs community," D'Antonio added. "Kindness is free, it doesn't cost a dime. Anybody can do it, you can do it anywhere, any place."