Mayor Parker's 100-Day Report Card, her plans to make Philly 'clean and green'

ByMaggie Fitzgerald WPVI logo
Saturday, April 13, 2024
Watch April 14 Inside Story | Mayor Parker's 100-Day Report Card
Inside Story - 04/14/24

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Host Matt O'Donnell and the panelists take a deep dive into Mayor Cherelle Parker's first 100 days in office and evaluate the success of her administration's 100-Day Action plan.

They discuss Mayor Parker's plans to restore safety and cleanliness in the city, her travels to Kensington amid concerns surrounding the open-air drug market, and her goal to reduce homicide rates significantly.

The panelists also talk about her partnership with Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel and their intentions to revamp the city's understaffed police force, as well as the appointment of a new prisons commissioner.

The Panel transitioned to the race for PA Attorney General and Governor Josh Shapiro's reluctance to publicly reveal his early-voting choice.

Plus, Matt will interview Governor Josh Shapiro in next week's "Conversation with the Governor" for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.

The panel brainstorms questions for Matt to ask the Governor and discuss what they'd like to see next from the administration.

Get the Inside Story with panelists Farah Jimenez, Melissa Robbins, Mark Segal and Alison Young.