Plastic bag ban goes into effect in Media & Haverford Twp.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023
Plastic bag ban goes into effect in 2 Delco communities
A plastic bag ban is now in effect in Media and Haverford Township in Delaware County.

MEDIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A plastic bag ban is now in effect in two Delaware County communities.

Shoppers in Media and Haverford Township, Pennsylvania will need to bring their own reusable bags or pay extra for a paper bag at checkout.

In Media, shops that do not follow suit could face fines of up to $300. While the new ordinance went into effect on Jan. 1, the borough says enforcement and fines for violations start July 1, 2023.

In Haverford Township, the fines for non-compliant businesses could go up to $500 per violation.

Businesses are also no longer allowed to offer plastic straws to customers in both communities.

In Haverford Township, officials say customers can still request a plastic straw at dining establishments if they want one.

"I remembered to bring my bag today, I didn't think I would. It's going to be a little hard but you get used to it. It will do good for the environment," said Marie Nemetz from Havertown.

Action News spoke with shoppers in Havertown.

"It is easier to carry out stuff with these bags. It holds more groceries and everything so I just got in the habit of doing it and, hopefully, everyone else will too," said Eric Persson, from Havertown.

"It is great. We have a lot of reusable bags and I think we do a lot more with it now," said Alex Ezeh, from Havertown.

Some shoppers said they are for it.

"They're getting done with (plastic bags), but that's OK; paper bags are good and recyclable bags are even better," said Ken Boutilier, from Havertown.

Tom McCormack, the owner of C&M Sporting Goods, says it does cost more for him to order paper bags than it did for plastic.

"From a business standpoint unfortunately there is an increased cost for the paper, or the reusable bags, as opposed to the plastic. So long term it could be a negative effect, but we'll see," said McCormack.

At Learning Express Toys, employees are hoping customers will get used to bringing their own reusable bags to help the environment.

"We're hoping that people bring in their own bags and a lot of people do," said Sithy Jones with Learning Express Toys.

Many shoppers said they may choose to forgo the bag altogether.

"I think it's just as easy to carry, if I can carry her I can carry this too," said Jason Dusak, from Drexel Hill, who had his young daughter in his arms.


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