$615 Mega Millions jackpot has Philadelphia lotto hopefuls feeling lucky 

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Everyone who walked in the Roxborough News Shop to purchase a lottery ticket on Tuesday morning was convinced of one thing: they had the winning ticket.

"Everybody just thinks they're going to win," said Nadan Patel, who runs the shop. "Whoever has a ticket, they think they're going to win."

Tuesday's Mega Millions drawing is worth $615 million, and some lottery hopefuls were already making plans for what they do if they hit the jackpot.

"I'm too old to spend all of that. I'd just help all my friends and family," said Trudy Strain, of Roxborough, adding that she'll be tuned in when the winning numbers are announced at 11 p.m. "I'll be there watching it and praying."

"Just to share it with family and friends and give a lot of it away," said Jocelyn Tompkins, of Germantown.

Tompkins should have a plan for winning because she's won before.

She came to the shop on Tuesday to cash in on $180 worth of scratch-off tickets.

"I always win here!" she exclaimed.

The convenience store has a "wall of wins," showing off all the winning tickets that have been sold, some worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Some customers chalk it up to the store's lucky charm: a black cat named Max.

"Everybody loves him," Patel said.

They also love the staff at the store and customers who believe they have the winning ticket promise not to forget them.

"They promise us if they win they're going to take care of us," said Patel.
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