Pa. couple celebrates 50 years growing greenhouse business in backyard

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Thursday, April 20, 2023
Pa. couple celebrates 50 years growing greenhouse business in backyard
The Miller family has spent half a century turning their backyard into a pocketful of sunshine for their neighbors in Delaware County.

WALLINGFORD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Tucked away in a backyard in a residential neighborhood is a pocketful of sunshine that's shined for 50 years.

"This is where I've lived since 1949," said Chuck Miller, co-owner of Miller Greenhouses. "My dad had a green thumb and we had 10,000 Norway Spruce Christmases going here at one time."

That labor was hard work for Miller, then a high-school student.

"And then we built a greenhouse and switched to poinsettias and spring plants, which was a whole lot easier than growing trees," he said.

Miller founded his greenhouse business in 1973. Shortly after, he met his wife, Rosemary, on a blind date. Their relationship blossomed in tandem with their homegrown business over the next 45 years and counting.

"I guess the grounds on which we've lasted this long is he's the boss out here and I'm the boss inside," said Rosemary Miller.

Over the years, the Miller family expanded from one greenhouse to 12.

Their prime time for selling annuals and perennials is in spring. Then, they specialize in mums in the fall. By the time Christmas rolls around, their poinsettias are ready to harvest.

Chuck and Rosemary's son, Dan, is now a co-owner and the Head Grower of the business.

"People come in, sometimes they don't really know what to do or even the steps to take," he said. "We kind of break it down for them...creating new gardeners, helping current gardeners, and overall helping the community to get better."

The Miller family hopes their business grows for another 50 years thanks to the seeds they've sown.

To learn more about the family business, watch our video above and visit their website.

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