Pa. children's songwriter spreads love with interactive music classes

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Saturday, July 8, 2023
Pa. children's songwriter spreads love with interactive music classes
When Gina Ferragame first became a mom, she nearly stopped performing. But she used that experience to create something beyond her wildest dreams.

GLENSIDE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "It's so powerful how I can write a little song and then it becomes a way to connect," said Gina Ferragame. "And then seeing how this little business of mine has become this community where we truly love each other and the love is real."

Ferragame, a longtime singer and songwriter from Wyndmoor, practically stopped performing when she picked up a new job: being a mom. But she couldn't leave the guitar alone for long.

"I was just at home with my baby. And I started to meet other mom friends," she said. "One of the friends said, 'Gina, do you want to start a music class at my house?'"

That little music class soon grew beyond simply friends and family. It became an entire community that Ferragame calls, "Music with Gina."

"Then I started to go to yoga studios, churches, parks, and now I run five classes and I do performances and I have three albums," she said.

One of Ferragame's recurring music classes incorporates small children and their parents. Through the power of her original music, she helps them learn social skills and positive values.

Parents like Justin Soli can attest to that.

"We did other music programs, but she has just the warmth and the caring that makes you want to come back," said Soli, a father of two. "They're learning from you as well as Gina."

Action News captured one of Gina's classes in action at Align Fitness in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Just like how Gina brings smiles to children, she also connects with hospice patients through the power of music.

"It's very similar to the beginning stages of life and the end stage of life," she said. "It's the presence and the connection, and then a way to love, of course."

Ferragame was recently awarded with the 2023 Philadelphia Family LOVE Award for Best Music Class.

To learn more about how Music with Gina shares love with her community, visit her website.

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