South Jersey communities clean up, prepare for Friday night storm

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Thursday, January 11, 2024
South Jersey communities clean up, prepare for Friday night storm
South Jersey communities clean up, prepare for Friday night storm

LINDENWOLD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Communities in South Jersey are bracing for the next storm that is expected to bring the threat of more flooding and wind damage Friday night.

On Thursday, limbs and branches went into the chipper in Lindenwold, New Jersey.

"That helps us keep the roads clear, helps us minimize flooding and ponding of the roads," said David Stout, supervisor of road repairs for Camden County.

Residents across the region are still dealing with power outages and road closures from Tuesday night's storm.

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With another storm on the way, there's more work to be done on Friday.

"When we know a storm is coming in, we assemble our crews to our 12 districts throughout the county. And we have them go clear inlet tops and anything that might cause ponding or flooding on the roads. It's very important to keep the tops clear," said Stout.

Crews worked on power lines in Gloucester County, trying to get electricity back to thousands of customers. We found some neighbors still waiting for their power more than 36 hours later.

Matt Wright was trying to get his property cleaned up in Harrison Township.

"The tree came down. The telephone pole broke. We're still looking for the trampoline. If anybody's in Gloucester County with a trampoline in their yard, notify me," he joked.

In Mantua, June Chamberlain was still waiting too.

"I now have water in my basement and my sump pump won't work. So it's been one thing after another," she said.

She worries about another round of storms, hoping for the best as she finally gets her power back.

"I'm a little worried," said June. "The wind kind of scares me too because of that pine tree right next to the house."

AC Electric says 97% of customers have been restored as of 4 p.m. Thursday.

The company says most customers will be back on Thursday night, with a few that may have to wait until Friday.