Illegal pool with 60 tons of water discovered on rooftop in New York City

Officials said the 30x16 feet wide, 4 feet deep pool was found atop a building with a day care on the third floor.

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Friday, August 12, 2022
Illegal rooftop pool in Williamsburg removed by buildings department
The NYC Department of Buildings had to remove a 480 square foot pool built on a roof in Williamsburg.

NEW YORK CITY -- "Please don't try to build a rooftop swimming pool without first getting permits."

That's the message New York City officials are sending out to residents after a big discovery was made in Brooklyn.

The New York City Department of Buildings said officials discovered a 480-square-foot swimming pool built atop an occupied building on Tuesday.

Officials said it wasn't built to code. It was drained and removed that day.

The DOB said the 30x16 feet wide, 4 feet deep pool was holding nearly 60 tons of water.

The building houses a day care center on the third floor, officials said.

The DOB was reminding NYC residents who would like to have a rooftop pool to look into the proper permits and "hiring professionals to do the job properly."