Philly high school student is 'Feeding Philly' with nonprofit

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Philly high school student is 'Feeding Philly' with nonprofit
Samantha Sandhaus is a student at Central High School who started nonprofit 'Feeding Philly.'

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- This student activist is making an impact on the community at a young age.

High school senior Samantha Sandhaus started Feeding Philly as a sophomore at Central High School.

Since then, the project has grown substantially as a nonprofit.

"We use mutual aid programs and educational workshops to address food waste and insecurity in our local Philadelphia schools and communities," said Sandhaus.

Sandhaus' motivation to feed the hungry came in part from her past experiences.

"I dealt with an eating disorder when I was younger... I have experienced the detrimental effects of malnutrition. And so having that kind of personal experience with really made me want to start an making sure we all get the nutrition we need" said Sandhaus.

Sandhaus led her peers at their new monthly event at James Logan Elementary School, this one preparing for Thanksgiving.

"She has shown that if you are dedicated and you surround yourself with the right people, that you can really accomplish a lot," said Lucy Marone of the Feeding Philly Outreach Team.

Sharing Excess and Thomas Jefferson University were some of the partners who helped make the dream a reality for this event.

Sandhaus as well as many founding members of Feeding Philly are preparing to graduate; but, there is much hope in the future generations of students who have been shadowing the leading team.

Sandhaus hopes the program continues to grow as she continues her mission to help others.

"Having that universal connection and humanity is so inspiring to me. It's something that I know I'll be pursuing for the rest of my life," said Sandhaus.

For more information on Feeding Philly, check out their website.