NY Gov. Hochul seeks state investigation into DA Sandra Doorley's traffic stop incident | VIDEO

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Monday, April 29, 2024
NY District Attorney accused of speeding refuses to pull over for cop
District Attorney Sandra Doorley has issued an apology video regarding the incident.

WEBSTER, N.Y. -- Governor Kathy Hochul is seeking a state investigation into a New York District Attorney amid a traffic stop scandal.

Hochul says Sandra Doorley attempted to use her public office to evade responsibility during a traffic stop on April 22.

An officer attempted to pull the Monroe County district attorney over, but she refused to act accordingly.

Instead, she drove home.

The officer's footage reveals the conversation with Doorley once he finally caught up with her in her garage.

"I was speeding, I know that," Doorley said to the officer in the garage of her home.

When the officer asks her why she didn't pull over if she knew she was speeding, Doorley responded that she just didn't want to pull over on the road she was traveling on.

"That's not your choice! You know that," the officer responded.

In the video, Doorley also says, "I'll take care of this since I'll be prosecuting this myself."

Toward the end of the video, she does apologize to the officer.

All nine members of the Rochester City Council sent a letter to State Attorney General Letitia James asking her to investigate the incident.