HEALED - The Magic of Music

Welcome to Pat Croce's American Cancer Society Healed Gathering!

Today's Gathering is an amazing mix of the medical science behind treating leukemia with the upbeat inspiration of a family that fought their son's leukemia with music and a positive attitude.

Both guests speak to the importance of resilience and positivity - with the practical tip of asking questions and being your own advocate!

We first meet Alix E. Seif, MD, MPH, an attending physician in both the Blood and Marrow Transplantation and the Hematologic Malignancies sections of the Division of Oncology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She leads the "Graft-versus-Leukemia" team, which directs all aspects of care for children with leukemia undergoing stem cell transplantation. "Seeing young children fighting cancer but still living their lives every day was my inspiration," she shares about starting her journey into pediatric oncology. Dr. Seif also speaks about the research she is conducting thanks to American Cancer Society funding to further knowledge about fighting leukemia.

Kennith Allen Thomas is a husband, father, author, speaker, and Leadership Development Coach. When Kenny's young son, who is special needs, was diagnosed with AMKL-leukemia, Kenny and his wife were determined to fight it with a positive attitude. As a leadership coach, he helps people through hardships in life. He encourages his clients to set the atmosphere to what they need to succeed. Facing cancer, his family fought with a positive attitude and encouraged their medical team to approach them with positive intent as well. A passionate musician and dancer, Kenny and his son used music and dance therapy in the hospital and soon went viral on social media for their popular videos. They continue to celebrate his son's survivorship with music and dancing popular on social media, encouraging others with a positive attitude.

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