HEALED - Colon Cancer Screening - Get It!

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Thursday, March 10, 2022
HEALED - Colon Cancer Screening - Get It!
Call your doctor. Ask about colon cancer screening - it could save your life!

Welcome to Pat Croce's American Cancer Society Healed Gathering!

This week's theme: Call your doctor. Ask about colon cancer screening - it could save your life!

We first welcome Dr. Marianne Ritchie, a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Gastroenterology and Hepatology as well as Director, PINK PLUS Women's Cancer Screenings Program and Director, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Colon Cancer Screening/Outreach. Dr. Ritchie was one of the first female gastroenterologists practicing in the Philadelphia area and has been a leading advocate for over thirty years. Dr. Ritchie developed the PINK PLUS triple cancer screening program for women, and she also launched the BLUE LIGHTS CAMPAIGN for Colon Cancer Awareness.

Dr. Ritchie shared the early beginnings of colonoscopies and the advancements in the testing to today. As we recognize colon cancer awareness month, Pat and his guests remind viewers that there are several screening options - and these tests can actually help prevent colon cancer by removing polyps before they become cancerous. Talk to a healthcare provider about your risk factors and what screening is right for you!

Mary Lucks is a colon cancer survivor who put off her colon cancer screening and was ultimately diagnosed with colon cancer. She is now an advocate for colon cancer awareness and screening.

Mary shares, "They make the prep sound bad, but it isn't. Not a big deal. Don't let fear of the prep prevent you from getting screened."

For more information on colon cancer and screening options, visit cancer.org/colon.

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