HEALED - Finding Balance In Your Life

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Friday, November 5, 2021
HEALED - Answering Your Questions About Food
We welcome back a viewer favorite for some Q&A, and a discussion about the value of finding life balance.

Pat Croce's weekly American Cancer Society Healed Gathering.

In this weekly gathering we welcomed back viewer favorite Dr. Jeanie Subach, a registered dietician and faculty member at West Chester University.

A viewer reached out to ask her about grains and she has all of their answers!

Whole grains vs processed grains?

Brown rice vs white rice?

What about everyone's favorite - spaghetti?

Dr. Subach brings energy and passion to her healthy food choice topics, and shares tips to make your trip to the grocery store for healthy options easier.

"Grains are the stuff of life!"

She highlights the importance of balance. For example, white spaghetti is fine occasionally with a Sunday sauce but try to work more whole grains into your other food choices, like sandwich bread for lunch.

We then meet Terri Price, a three-time ovarian cancer survivor. Terri is a strong supporter of patients being advocates of their own health.

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