HEALED - Live in the Moment

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Thursday, February 10, 2022
HEALED - Live in the Moment
You can live your life in the present moment, and our Healed Gathering special guests Dr. Robyn Tiger and her client Marge Smith both share how.

Welcome to Pat Croce's American Cancer Society Healed Gathering!

Today's Gathering focuses in on living life in the present moment, and our special guests Dr. Robyn Tiger and her client Marge Smith both embody this focus.

Dr. Tiger is a physician, trauma-informed self-care coach and podcaster. As founder of StressFreeMD, she utilizes her unique combination of trainings in medicine, yoga therapy, iRest meditation and life coaching to educate others how to be stress-free from the inside out. Her innovative teachings focus on complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being and resilience.

Dr. Tiger has been fascinated with the human body since she was young, but she also wanted a career with balance that would allow her the life she wanted to focus on family, community, and her career, a balance she stresses personally and for her clients. "If I can only be partially there because I am doing too many things, then that is not good enough. It is important to me to be present in everything I choose."

We then meet Marge Smith, a breast cancer survivor who has worked with Dr. Tiger for the past 7 years. Dr. Tiger's gentle teaching, through Yoga and Meditation, has become an integral part of Marge's life resulting in continued healing and good health. Now, at 85, Marge encourages seniors to consider yoga and/or meditation for their healing.

Today's Gathering ends with their discussion of complementary medicine, therapies you can do together with traditional treatment and with the input of your medical team, to help improve your overall mental health, inner strength and peace, and the overall benefits for certain people.

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