HEALED - Walk - Run - DANCE!

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Thursday, January 27, 2022
HEALED - Walk - Run - DANCE!
Pat says: "If you can walk, walk...if you can run, run...if you can dance, DANCE!"

Welcome to Pat Croce's American Cancer Society Healed Gathering!

If you are looking for motivation to get up off the couch and make 2022 the year you chose a more active lifestyle, this conversation shares inspiration and tips to get moving!

"All of us should be active to the best of our ability," Pat says. "If you can walk, walk...if you can run, run...if you dance, DANCE!"

First we meet Julie Weiss, also known as the "Marathon Goddess." Julie transformed her life and health through running. After 19 attempts, in 2010 Julie qualified for the Boston Marathon just one week after her biggest fan, her father, passed away from pancreatic cancer. In 2012 she set out to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise $1 million dollars for pancreatic cancer research.

Pat and Julie have a great discussion reflecting on her journey to marathons and how she changed her life to be more healthy - eating better, pushing herself, striving towards a goal. She went through a mind shift and embraced herself as a RUNNER. Embrace what you are - a walker, a runner, a dancer. Regardless of your personal goal - moving more, being more healthy, or all the way to a marathon - their tips today will help inspire you to be the best you can be. Find what you can be passionate about, what you love, and do it.

Later in the show we meet Lauren McShea, an avid daily runner. Together, Pat and Lauren walk viewers through a few simple daily stretches and exercises that can help runners stay strong, flexible, and healthy.

Julie leaves viewers with her best tip for success. "Overall, have hope - hope that it will be something because even if it isn't what you originally thought, it could be something wonderful."

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