Snowy conditions arrive in Berks County, Pennsylvania

NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It was a slow go during the evening commute along Penn Avenue in Sinking Spring, Berks County.

A little slower than usual-- courtesy of a snowfall that started right around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

It has also been enough to attract a few extra customers to the local Ace Hardware with people looking for the wintertime usuals.

Carrie Brown, manager of the Weaver's Ace Hardware, says it's, "Mostly your ice melt, rock salt, wood pellets, anything to keep the house warm. Getting colder temperatures we might be looking for heat-tape so your pipes don't freeze."

Meanwhile, with the likelihood of accumulating snow a bit better this far north and west of Philadelphia, PennDOT crews spent the earlier part of the day pre-treating roadways with brine.

So far, there have been no reports of icy conditions across the region, but PennDOT officials are urging commuters to keep an eye on conditions as day turns to night.

PennDOT spokesperson Robyn Briggs says, "If it is dark out especially, and if the road temperatures do get colder it could form black ice which you don't see. So, the key is if you know it's inclement weather out there to again remain calm, slow down, and keep your following distance between you and a vehicle in front of you."
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