NJ police department offering signs to politely turn away trick-or-treaters: 'No candy this year'

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Saturday, October 24, 2020
NJ police department offering signs to politely turn away trick-or-treaters: 'No candy this year'
A police department in South Jersey will be offering signs to help politely turn away trick-or-treaters this year.

PENNSAUKEN TWP., New Jersey (WPVI) -- Halloween is fast approaching, but some folks are feeling awkward about some of the normal traditions of the holiday because of the pandemic. They want to be safe, but they don't want to seem like an ogre.

In Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, many people are getting into the Halloween spirit, buying their costumes ahead of the 31st. But there are trick-or-treating concerns this year amidst the pandemic.

Chief John Nettleton with the Pennsauken Police Department says if you don't feel safe participating in trick-or-treating you can grab a "Sorry, no candy this year" sign from the police station or municipal building, and stick it in your front window. Its a way to politely get the message across.

"It doesn't seem neighborly so the sign is a little nicer way of turning children away on this day if you don't feel comfortable," said Nettleton.

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Delores Busch grabbed a sign as she won't be giving out treats this year

"It's not what we're used to, but we have to be safe," she said.

While others are sitting this year out, some residents are getting ready with safety in mind, like pre-packaged candy out on their stoop.

"The hand sanitizer, face masks, we're still doing all that, but we're going to try like at least let them have their fun on that day," said Keenjah Jefferson, who plans to trick-or-treat.

Others say they'll have a Halloween party for family only.