Eagles: Washington loss 'won't define us', reinforcements on the way

Week 1 was a heart-breaker for Philadelphia. Week 2 could look more like the Birds teams fans have grown to love.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
Eagles: Washington loss 'won't define us', replacements on the way
The Philadelphia Eagles look to put Week 1 in the past when they host the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

In Week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles squandered a 17-point lead to fall to Washington, 27-17.

The defeat was heartbreaking for the team and fans, but players aren't panicking, calling it a learning experience.

Things could look drastically different in Week 2 with running back Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson expected to play on Sunday. The running game and O-line were among the biggest factors in the team's collapse vs. Washington.

In the video above, 6abc's Ducis Rodgers looks at how the Eagles are using Week 1's loss as a motivator in their home opener vs. the Los Angeles Rams (Sunday at 1 p.m.) in this week's Sports Flash.