3 men dressed as police wanted in Roxborough home invasion: Authorities

The suspects were wearing police vests and had police-style radios.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Three men dressed in police gear broke into a home in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, witnesses tell authorities.

The home invasion happened around 1 a.m. Monday on the 8200 block of Henry Avenue.

It was around that time, neighbors woke up to the fire alarm.

"It was loud. It was pretty crazy. I didn't know what was going on," resident Matt Sonon said.

Neighbor Austin Tillotson said, "Fire alarms went off; people were a little concerned. We really didn't know what happened until the police showed up."

Tillotson was concerned so he asked investigators what was going on.

"We obviously asked questions and they said there was three of them, they had ski masks on and they were medium size height. We took those descriptions, but we're just keeping an eye out," Tillotson said.

Police say the men were armed; they were wearing dark clothes with police vests and had police-style radios.

Investigators say the robbers stole a cellphone and keys to a rental car before fleeing the scene.

No injuries were reported.

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