Philadelphians battle the extreme heat

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Monday, July 16, 2018
Philadelphians Battle Hot Weather
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Philadelphians Battle Hot Weather. Maggie Kent reports during Action News at 4pm on July 16, 2018.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation has opened its pools up to the public because of the extreme heat, with temperatures soaring well above 90 degrees and humidity making the air thick.

On Kelly Drive, runners exercised caution.

"I only did three miles instead of six or seven" said Natalie Hart of Bethlehem.

The best idea is to listen to your body, says Tyler Brown of Oakland, California.

"I can't really push myself as hard as I usually would. I'm losing more sweat, more water, more electrolytes. You're risking possible heat exhaustion the harder you work out."

For William Gurganious and his sanitation crew, this weather can prove to be brutal. He says,"do your best and do all you can do."

Today, we went in search of a cool job and found Jim's Enterprises. They're in the business of shipping all kinds of ice, from shaved sno-cones to dry ice. We stepped inside the giant freezer which had a temperature of about 27 degrees.

Joe McGinty says on days like today, business it hot. "Especially during the summer, the freezers will go down so we supply them with dry ice."